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Global registry of hospital reports for stroke care improvement RES-Q+ is a collaborative project under Horizon Europe, that will capitalize on a successful Registry of Stroke Care Quality (RES-Q) currently used by 90+ EU and other countries around the world for collecting and analysing quality of stroke care. RES-Q+ will capture not only in-hospital information but the entire patient pathway including post discharge care. RES-Q+ will automate data entry into registry using natural language processing (NLP) with a clinically validated semantic model and will further improve audit and feedback. A standard model will be created for these audit reports using artificial intelligence (AI). A major expansion is the creation of two new AI-enabled voice assistants, one helping patients provide feedback on their health status and the other assisting physicians in a management of stroke care.

Watch the Horizon, better stroke care is coming!

RES-Q+ Partners Map


Decrease healthcare costs by higher efficiency.

Safe patients’ lives by improving stroke care.

Improve the quality of European healthcare systems.




  • 10% improvement of at least 50 % quality metrics;

  • 10% reduction in case fatality/disability annually;

  • 40 000 less deaths in Europe.


  • Description of epidemiology of conditions after stroke and models to predict their risk;

  • identification of how the quality of care influences different outcomes after stroke.


  • Proof-of-concept of VA expandable to other settings e. g. clinical trials, obtaining patient history, drug development.


  • Expected annual saving over 0.5 billion € in Europe.



  • Changing the paradigm of quality improvement and automation in medicine.

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