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An external, independent Ethics Board was established to closely monitor ethics issues concerning the involvement of patients in research activities, the protection of personal data and the use of AI in healthcare. The activities of the Ethics Board are covered by Work Package 10. The Board submits annual reports with their recommendations.



Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute, Czech Republic

"Graduate of the Faculty of Law at Masaryk University in Brno and graduate of the MBA programme in healthcare. In 2006, while still studying at the Faculty of Law, he started working at the Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute, Czech Republic. First as a legal assistant, then as a lawyer, and since 2011 as Head of the Legal Department. Since 2015, he has been a member of the Management Council, as an advisory body to the Director of Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute. In his work he focuses on the field of the health law, which he has been lecturing on for many years. He participates in the education of healthcare professionals, speaks at professional congresses and conferences. He is also involved in working groups related to his specialisation, including within European research infrastructures (BBMRI-ERIC)."

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University of Southern Denmark, Denmark

"Anne Gerdes is a Professor of Information Science at the Department of Media, Design, Education & Cognition, University of Southern Denmark, and leader of the AI Ethics Center at the University of Southern Denmark. She researches and teaches at the intersections of philosophy, computer science, and applied ethics. Her research focuses on IT ethics, AI ethics, AI ethics in healthcare, data ethics, AI Ethics by Design, roboethics, and privacy.  She is highly experienced working in cross-disciplinary settings with computer scientists."



University of Aberdeen, United Kingdom

Prof. MacLeod is a Clinical Pharmacologist with a personal chair (Teaching and Research) at the University of Aberdeen and honorary Consultant Physician within NHS Grampian. Her clinical work is largely in the area of acute stroke management, hypertension and primary and secondary cardiovascular prevention. She has served on Scottish Research Ethics Committees for over 10 years. She is currently the Clinical Lead for the Scottish Stroke Care Audit. Current research interests include: novel imaging markers in stroke and small vessel disease using fast field cycling MRI; using linked datasets to explore management of stroke including service organisation and secondary prevention; interactions between stroke and other diseases (e.g. cancer).

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