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The International Clinical Research Center (ICRC) at St. Anne’s University Hospital (FNUSA) is a scientific research institution. ICRC focuses on preclinical and clinical research, particularly in the areas of cardiology, neurology and oncology, with the aim of improving patient care. The International Clinical Research Center (ICRC) was established in 2011 as an integral part of St. Anne’s University Hospital in Brno (FNUSA) and has become the only EU-funded preclinical and clinical medical research infrastructure in the Czech Republic. Thus, a unique research institution within FNUSA was born with the aim of testing and translating clinical findings into basic research and basic research into clinical practice. The center integrates international multidisciplinary research with education and training through an international exchange of ideas and personnel for the benefit of patients, not only in FNUSA. A significant role in the successful establishment of our research institute was played by their strategic partnership with the Mayo Clinic.

Role in the project

- Hospital discharge reports provision,

- virtual assistants design requirements,

- project outputs validation,

- feedback on the outputs, dissemination of outputs in professional communities and patients.


Head of Cerebrovascular Research Program


Study Coordinator

Maksym_Martynenko 1 (2) (2).jpg


Project Coordinator

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