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  • The Institute of Health Information and Statistics of the Czech Republic

  • Charles University

  • Technological University Dublin


  • Ontotext

  • University Murcia


  • Vall D'Hebron Research Institute

  • University Multi-Profile Hospital for Active Treatment "St. Naum“

  • Health Management Institute

  • University of Glasgow

  • Define and build the technical architecture of the semantic harmonization layer.

  • Integrate the key components of the architecture in the semantic harmonization layer.

  • Define a semantic data model aligned with the key referential medical ontologies.

  • Establish data FAIRification workflows supported by a compliance toolkit.

  • Ensure internal and external semantic interoperability and mechanism for data consumption with other patient registry systems.

  • Automatically infer stroke care quality indicators based on the extracted source data and to provide the necessary data analytical capabilities for RES-Q system as defined by WP1.

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