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First face to face meeting of RES-Q+ partners happened in November 2022 in Prague. We were excited to finally meet off-line to share our ideas and plans. We were thrilled to present you our consortium dream team here.


John Kelleher (TUD) presents on predictive models on behelf of WP 5 during the Kick-Off Meeting.

Pavel Pecina (CUNI), Robert Mikulik (ICRC), Miroslav Zvolský (IHIS) and Václav Stupka (MUNI) during the press conference on RES-Q+ project.


After the Kick Off Meeting a press conference with four of our partners (IHIS, ICRC, CUNI and MUNI) took place. The partners included tried to bring our aims and objectives as well as the need to push the boundaries of current stroke care closer to lay people. See the press release here.

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